Q-What is the Power Inverter?

A:Inverter is the direct current (battery, storage battery) into constant frequency constant voltage or frequency modulation voltage alternating current (generally 120V,60Hz sinusoidal wave) converter. When driving on a business trip or RV trip,or power is cut off in extreme weather the inverter can be used to connect the battery to drive electrical appliances and various tools to work. Widely used in home appliance,such as DVD, computer, TV, video recorder, massager, fan, lighting,microwave oven etc.

Q-Modified Sine Wave Inverter or Pure Sine Wave Inverter?

A:Modified Sine Wave Inverter is cheaper and power most electronic equipment, However, there will be problems when the inverter is power the precise equipment, which will also cause high-frequency interference to the communication equipment. 


Pure Sine Wave inverter is more expensive, has stronger with the load effect and the load ability.The equipment can be loaded with inductive load and any other type of common AC load, with refrigerators, televisions, radios and other equipment without interference and noise, and will not affect the performance and life of the load equipment.

Q-Lithium batteries, AGM, GEL and other types of batteries are suitable for our inverters?

A:In general, most batteries can be compatible with the inverter. It must be noted that the voltage of the battery is consistent with the voltage of the inverter. The 12V inverter needs 12V batteries, and the 24V inverter needs 24V batteries.


Q-Why I test the output voltage of the inverter is below 100 V AC?

A: Please note that the output power in modified sine wave inverter should be measured by TRUE RMS Multimeter, if used a normal tester meter you will get a wrong output voltage.

Q-Why the fan of the inverter doesn’t turn on?

A: The cooling fan is thermal controlling type,it will start running only when temperature reach 104° F or load power is more than 40% of rated power.

Q-What size to add inline fuse/circuit breaker

A: There are builtin fuses inside the inverter. The extra inline fuses won't protect them. If the connection is correct, fuses won't be burnt. So we do not recommend put extra fuses outside.

If you insist on doing so, size calculation method = inverter rated power ÷ input voltage (12V/24V).

Q- Why is my receptacle (AC outlet) tester indicating an “open ground” fault when I test my DC to AC power inverter on a boat or RV after connecting to the vehicle’s chasse?

A:When the inverter is used in the boat or trailer, the ground tester is used to connect the inverter, which will cause "open ground" failure. Because it is not connected to the real ground, the inverter cannot create a real ground. The ground design of the inverter is different from that of the mains power, and the tester is only applicable to mains power.

There is a voltage difference between the fire line and the zero line, and there is a voltage difference between the fire line and the ground line, but there is no voltage difference between the zero line and the ground line;

There is a voltage difference between the fire line and zero line of the inverter, the ground line is just connected to the housing, it is not related to the fire line and zero line on the circuit


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