VOLTWORKS Remote Control for Power Inverter On/Off Switch with 30 Ft and Push Button Mountable Remote Switch

remote control R3



  • This inverter remote controller on/off switch for VOLTWORKS 1000W/1500W/2000W /3000W power inverters. Please connect it to VOLTWORKS inverters only.
  • Easy to install. Flush mountable design making for easy and simple installation
  • Control the inverter more convenient.Turn inverter on and off from up to 30 ft away,
  • working indicator to show the inverter status.
  • With 4P4C phone cable and RJ10 plugs to inverter interface

    VOLTWORKS Remote Controller with 30 Ft cable,only suitable for VOLTWORKS inverter.

    please do not choose it for other brand inverter.

    • Our VOLTWORKS inverter range as below
    • Modified wave inverter :
    • 1100W VK-1100HB
    • 2000W VK-2000PBR or VK-2000PBR BL
    • Pure sine wave inverter
    • 1500W VS-1500PBR or VS-1500PBR BL
    • 2000W VS-2000PBR or VS-2000PBR BL or VS-2000PBR24V
    • 2500W VS-2500PBR
    • 3000W VS-3000QBR